School’s out!!

My brain is frazzled!

People don’t realize how hard it is to show up to school everyday, put a smile on your face, and pretend like the only thing on your mind are the lovely children in front of you.

This goes for many jobs.  Behind that desk, the worker could be dealing with death, money struggles, lawyers, volunteer commitments, family battles, or anything.

You have no idea!

Today, I have found a few minutes to relax.  Breath.  I am about to take my family to Iceland.  If all goes as planned.

I can’t wait to get on a plane with my hubby and the kids and live in the moment.  To forget the, ” What ifs…”

To see my family, along with my sister and nephew, see the world.  To see the world through their eyes.

This is what I have been waiting for.  To give our next generation the travel bug!!

I want this travel bug to bite them hard!  To teach them that the world is too awesome for petty problems.  To show them that life is bigger than jealousy and power struggles and material things.  The world is full of imperfections, discoveries, adventure, beauty, surprises, challenges, misconceptions.

I crave this reminder.

They can’t learn everything in this one trip, but I want the bug to keep pushing them to explore the world.  And themselves.

The travel bug won’t be the same for my family as it was for me.  But I hope it will give them a taste of what I have been through.  An understanding of why I can’t stop.

There is no cure.

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