Our first BIG family trip.

Iceland.  A huge success.

I have so many pictures and videos to go through ( would have way more if my video camera didn’t fail) , so I thought I’d start by sharing some of the pictures that have us in them.

These are not perfect, but they show the fun we had and the incredible scenery we were immersed in.  Some are blurry, and too many include me with something black in my teeth that no one told me about until late in the day.  Thanks!

I was nervous about traveling with kids, as I am used to solo travel, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.  These kids were excellent travellers.  They pushed themselves.  Keegan tried fermented shark!  They ran full speed through the airport to catch a flight.  Awesome!

I will post more details and videos of our trip soon,

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  1. Hi Christine & Family! Looks like An awesome trip! Memories for everyone! Cheers, Auntie Debby

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