As I scrolled back to find my original post about “Have a Nice Life,” I almost just shared this, and left it at that.

I think I can say a few more words. ( But please read the link above!)

I recently got my third tattoo and I promised everyone on Facebook that I would explain the meaning.

This is what a tattoo during Covid looks like!

It has been a phrase that I have kept with me ever since the last time I visited my Grandma.

As I held back tears and tried to figure out what to say, knowing that I would never see her again, in pure Grandma Fashion, she made me laugh and eased the tension by saying, “Have a Nice Life,” as I made my way out the door.

It has been over 5 years since I heard her say those words and I have been doing my best to take them literally.

The sarcastic phrase reminds me to not be so serious.  When there are people I have spent too much time stressing over, these words remind me to walk away or refocus my energy.  They are a constant reminder to work on myself and to make the best of my time on Earth.

When I read at her funeral, I ended my words with, “I am not afraid of wrinkles, because if it means I smiled as much as grandma, I’ll take every one of them.”

Her smile.

I can’t claim biology passed it on to me, but I can work every day to find something to smile about and hopefully to help put a smile on other people’s faces.

I can have a nice life.

Who remembers when I broke my pinky finger?

And now, I have the tattoo on my forearm to remind me daily to do just that.

Thanks to Nomadic Tattoo in Maple Creek for squeezing me in last minute!

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  1. Just read your “my new tattoo”, very cool. I live by a similar phrase. I meet a man, a clay sculptor once who said to me, “I don’t have a lot of money but I’ve live a very rich life”. So have a rich life, have a nice life, just enjoy ever moment and every memory.

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