I have always been a person to look at the glass as half full, but the empathic part of me also understands that this year was difficult for many people. Not only have people close to me dealt with the pains of this pandemic, but they have suffered loss like no other.

I share these words to help me remember that there has been good in 2020.

Even if sometimes the best part of a month was staying in my pajamas for days on end.

Here are some of the things that 2020 brought into my life.

In January, I was given the opportunity to be the social media manager for a major tourism destination area. The job would involve touring around and showcasing our corner of the province!

Bam. I’d be getting paid to travel.

( I always knew it would happen, but others weren’t so sure.)


Of course the whole world would shut down as soon as I got an opportunity like this!

But, I was lucky to be able to do a lot of this job from home. When school shut down, I lost the income from substitute teaching. ( and here I thought I finally had my monthly income figured out)

I didn’t qualify for CERB, but thankfully my Credit Union was able to defer my loan payments.

I would be ok.

The cliché phrase, When one door closes, another opens,” worked in my favor. Another casual job posting came my way.

A Ferry Operator.

Could I do it?

I figured there was no harm in trying. After my first day, I knew that I had found the perfect casual job to add to my list of random money making opportunities.

Working down on the river brought so much peace and tranquility into my life. I had a job that let me chat with people passing through, be surrounded my nature and wildlife, and usually had an internet connection, so I could work 2 jobs at once!

The next thing I knew I was working on a big video project about the ferry. This project pushed me to learn new skills and I was lucky enough to be mentored by a great film producer.

As things opened back up, I was able to safely explore southwest Saskatchewan. My second season in Frankie Rose, my camper van, was great! I didn’t write much, but I made a few YouTube videos of my adventures.

Frankie had quite the year. Luckily, the parts van I got gifted was nearby. A starter, a drive shaft, and a new back door ( please don’t ask) were all put in.

As school started back up, I was able to sub again….which turned into a 14 day quarantine and a Covid test. I was happy to do my part to keep our community safe and again, there is a purpose to everything. During my 14 day quarantine, my 19 year old cat, Chippy, died. I am so thankful I was able to spend her last days by her side.

I am also very thankful that my parents and my sister live close. They made the perfect “ Bubble.”

My role as social media manager continues to evolve and I am so happy to be a part of a great team. I lead my first Zoom Conference and continue to learn what goes on behind the scenes of a tourism organization.

I have recently been invited to take a digital marketing course and I look forward to continuing to grow in 2021!

December has been quiet, but I have managed to get in a couple of winter escapes. If you haven’t treated yourself to a stay-cation, I highly recommend it. Book a local accommodation. Splurge on some local food and drink. These small businesses need all the support we can give and your mental health deserves a break, too!

Oh! And I treated myself to a new tattoo!

Have a nice life” is going to continue to be my motto moving into this next year.
We still have a ways to go to get back to normal, but maybe we all need to rethink what we consider normal.

Life is short. Plans will be disrupted.

All we can do is move forward.

Cheers to 2021!

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