And…. Another year has passed!

Thank you to everyone who visited this blog in 2021 even though there was no new content!  I hope you have managed to find some joy in the last couple years of craziness.

I have managed to have all sorts of fun, but haven’t been sharing about it here, because I create content for clients and local tourism organizations first, and then time seems to slip away.

My goal for 2022 is to be more active on this blog.  My first priority will be to do my best work for the people putting food on my table, but I hope to use this platform to promote that work, too!

My 40th birthday is in a week and I know that this upcoming decade will be my best, yet.  I am continuing half time as the media manager for Cypress Hills – Grasslands Destination Area.  I would love it if you follow my adventures over on the social pages that I manage for them.  We showcase federal, provincial, municipal, and private campgrounds, along with various amazing tourism businesses and services in Southwest Sask and Southeast Alberta.  I am so thankful to be a part of CGDA and to be able inspire people to travel, explore, and shop local for a living.

I have also been substitute teaching and will be returning to the ferry as a casual operator. 

I consider it a good thing when I have to decide between 3 jobs that I love as my calendar continues to fill up with opportunities.

I have some exciting adventures booked in for 2022, starting next week (Happy Birthday to me).  I hope to do more collabs with like minded people, continue pushing myself to be creative and learn new skills, and to waste less time doing things that aren’t bringing me joy.

Frankie Rose, my camper van, will be on the road as soon as weather permits, and a trip east to visit my sister in Nova Scotia is in the works for fall, hopefully. 

Cheers to a better 2022 for all and to all of the unknown adventures coming our way.

4 thoughts

  1. Welcome back Christine! If you get a chance you should head over to Moose Mountain Provincial Park in the Southeast part of the beautiful Saskatchewan province! Take care… Be Happy! Debby N.


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