“Hey! It’s Cruisin Christine!”

This week I was at our annual Saskatchewan Hutterian Educators Conference that I had been on the planning committee for.  It’s always great catching up with teachers from around the province that I only see once a year.

Reconnecting with friends, bunking in a hotel, listening to great speakers, and networking with other colonies always makes for great memories, but this year I was recognized by someone for this blog!

Always an enthusiastic lady, this person shouted at me from across the room, “Hey, it’s Cruisin Christine!”  She came over, we caught up, and she told me how she enjoyed the article in the Prairie Post this summer.

Did I tell you I was being interviewed a few months back?  I know I posted about how nervous I was on my Facebook page.  Anyway, Craig Baird, a freelance writer for The Prairie Post, came and interviewed me.  I stuttered through it, and then checked every week in June for it to possibly be out.  Then, I left for Iceland and never did get the chance to see the copy in print. ( I thought maybe I sounded ridiculous and he didn’t get enough content.)

But, check out the July 10th, 2015 edition from this site!  There is a lengthy article and a photo of me on a terrible hair day. ( I will blame the wind and the fact that I just finished a day of teaching young kids.)

The main thing I want readers to get from this article is that I hope I am inspiring you to get out and explore.  I get it.  Life is busy.  Mine, too!

I will continue to do my best to show off all of the cool things our province, country, and the world has to offer, and you do the same.

With one interview under my belt, I am ready for the next.  I can only improve with practice!


Stay tuned.  I always have plans in the works:)



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