During a recent trip to Indian Head, Saskatchewan, I had a lot of time to reflect on history. My own history.  Our province’s history. The history of strangers.

The same weekend that I was sent home with boxes of slides and personal journals from my own grandparents, I was invited into two local buildings to explore the past.  The Indian Head Museum and The Sports Hall of Fame, which is in the middle of a huge transition.  A local gentleman, Ken McCabe, who has devoted a huge portion of his life to collecting and showcasing sports memorabilia from Indian Head and beyond, can no longer take on the job.  He has now taken on the responsibility of finding homes for each piece. Luckily, some of the items will stay in the area.  Others will find a place in appropriate museums around Saskatchewan and Canada.

It was not my first time in either of these places, but I found myself reflecting more on the enormous undertaking that museums are.  Most are run by volunteers, donations, or at the very least, on a low budget.

I found pieces of my own family’s history within the walls of both the museum and the hall of fame.  The Bell Farm.  A list of the R.M reeves.  Grandpa’s ball uniform from the 1940’s.


After being a part of sorting through my grandparent’s belongings, I had a new respect for the huge job that running a museum is.  The things in front of me were someone’s history.  Each piece had a story.

The lady who gave me the tour of the museum told me that museums are now trying to gather not only items, but the story behind them.  I understood completely.

As I sat at home the next week flipping through papers and books, I quietly thanked grandma for her scribbled down notes.  She left a story behind.  It’s now my job to preserve her story and to do better at documenting my own!

Please consider donating to your local museum.  Thank the person who is dusting off the endless artifacts.  Take your out of town company for a quick tour.  Help preserve our history and make sure it is not forgotten.





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