Being in a foreign country at the same time as a festival is like hitting the cultural jackpot.

Well, have you considered that local communities in Saskatchewan have their very own festivals and celebrations?

One of my goals is to take in more of these events and I think you should, too.

Wild West Daze is an annual event in the town of Leader, Saskatchewan.  If you want to experience small town culture, this is the place to be.  After all, nothing says small rural town like a tractor pull!

For the sporty people, there is a slow pitch tournament.  Foodies can sample Grebble, a German favorite, feast at a fish fry, enjoy a breakfast of champions, and try delicious food from a local food truck.

If music is more your style, karaoke is on Friday night ( Don’t worry, I won’t sing) and Men Without Shame are entertaining us for the Saturday night dance.

For those of you who love to shop, there is a trade show and all of the stores will be open downtown.

Kids will have no shortage of fun.  There are activities in the park, a parade, and caboose rides!!  I wish my kids were here for this!

I encourage you to make a trip to Leader on this Father’s Day weekend.  While you are here, sneak in a visit to the Great Sandhills or one of our many other attractions!

Be sure to check out the website for a full list of events and times.  If you decide to come, look for me.  I will be capturing memories and broadcasting through social media.



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