Everyone has heard of Cypress Hills Provincial Park, but have you been to Cypress Lake?

If you go through Maple Creek, pass the park entrance, and keep heading south, you will find a turn off to the perfect little campground beside a beautiful lake.  I say perfect, because it is free!

( I will be sending a donation!)

Carefree Adventures is the kayak company that I have gone on tours with before and when they invited me on another trip, I asked my hubby to come along.  We packed up the old motor home and decided to take a chance on this place that has no electricity.  Being very low maintenance, this was just up our alley.  I am sure it is a bit busier in the main summer season, but an empty campground is right up our alley!

John ( Husband) and the dog went exploring while John Smith ( Carefree adventures) and crew headed out to venture around the island that is in the middle of the lake.  We knew there was a huge chance that the wind would pick up, and as much as I need a push to work my muscles, I was really hoping the smooth waters would stick around.

Luckily for me, and the group of German travel writers, the wind held off until we finished the 3 hour tour.  3 hour tour.

The wind did, however, pick right up in time for my hubby and I to attempt fishing with our limited supplies.  We watched over 40 fish be pulled in off the dock by the few people that showed up, and FINALLY managed to reel one in ourselves.

My dog, a newbie to the fishing world, was very confused as we let the strange floppy thing drop back into the water.

Next time we will bring supplies to clean and cook!

Here is the video of our day.  The skies are grey, but it was the perfect setting for another kayak adventure!



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