Sometimes I do things just to see people’s reactions. If someone says, “ You are going to do WHAT??” then I’m in.
I honestly didn’t expect to get that reaction when I first told people my plans to do yoga with goats. As soon as I heard that I only had to drive an hour, to Maple Creek, to play with goats, I knew I’d be making it part of my summer plans. I recruited a friend, booked it, and went on with finishing up my school year.

It wasn’t until I started telling more people that I realized not everyone thinks that this activity is as normal as I do.

Can I take him home?

I once kissed a goat. Seriously. My students raised money for Terry Fox, so I came with lipstick, fake eyelashes, and a bouquet of flowers and planted a bright red smooch on the goat’s cheek.
Ever since then I have wanted a pet goat.
Sorry, back to the goat yoga.

This couple was from Colorado.  Impressive!


Grotto Gardens, in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, is a fairly new attraction. They have a very cute store, a yummy restaurant, and GOATS!
I’ve done yoga before, but as you’ll see in the video, ( Please watch it!) I am not the most coordinated person in the world. Goats were the perfect distraction. Who can think about the pain of a downward facing dog when there is a goat staring between your legs?
Because of the whole meditation thing, and the fact that goats like to chew stuff, we were all instructed to put away our cameras. I quickly attached my Go Pro to the fence and this is some of the footage I captured.



Would you ever do yoga with goats?

I'd love to hear from you:)

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