“ I was trying to figure out what I was feeling ….then I realized it was freedom.”

Hearing these words come out of one of my favorite people’s mouth was one of the highlights of my CHDA Girlfriend’s Getaway. 


There were so many!

Disclosure:  This trip was sponsored, but these thoughts and words are my own!

School just started for students this week and as I lose the freedom that comes along with summer holidays, I can’t help but look back and realize how thankful I am for the girl time Laurel and I had.

16ish years of friendship glue us together, but 5 hours, busy jobs, family commitments, and life in general make it hard to plan for girl time.

With so many experiences available in the Cypress Hills Destination Area, we decided to mix adventure, food, and relaxation.  Oh, and obviously drinks.  ( Not nearly as many as we consumed in our early years of friendship)

The Historic Reesor Ranch was our first stop.  After a slight change in plans, because I took the road that was closed due to fire hazard, we started our cowgirl experience with a good sweaty hike.

For 1 hour, Laurel got to hear me huff and puff as we followed the marked trail through trees and fields.  ( It wasn’t that hard of a hike, I just forgot to get in shape this summer.  Again.)

 We laughed, sweat, crawled under a few fences that we couldn’t open, and took in the beautiful views from above conglomerate cliffs. 

Then we relaxed.

After a delicious steak supper and being treated to some cowboy poetry, we headed out for a sunset quad ride.  The pace was perfect for us, although  I’m sure they’d let you go a bit faster if you looked like you knew what you were doing.   Even coming from a farm myself, I was in awe of the views and peacefulness as we toured around the property. 

It was on this quad ride that Laurel made the comment about freedom.  I know that I was feeling pretty thankful at that moment for the time and memories together. 

That night, we cracked a bottle of champagne and toasted ourselves for finally making time for each other and for surviving the quad ride. The front porch of the historic farm house was the perfect spot to catch up, reminisce about the past, and look forward to the horse ride scheduled the next morning.

After a great night’s sleep in the historic farm house, we had a hearty country breakfast and then saddled up some horses.  We, of course, were smooth and graceful and in full control of our horses the entire time. 

We hated to leave the ranch, but it was time for our next adventure.

The food kind.

I’ve never considered myself a “foodie,” but after taking part in the Maple Creek History and Culinary Tour, I might have to reconsider.

For over three hours, we wandered around Maple Creek visiting local restaurants and being fed the yummiest food ever.  The chefs came out and talked about their creations using words that I only ever hear on Master Chef.  And we were given local beverages that were purposely paired with the food to create the best culinary experience. 

Laurel, a usually plain eater, was so adventurous on this tour! 

The guide knew so much about the local history and came prepared with a sack full of old photographs to go along with his teachings.  From The First Nations to the North West Mounted Police, this area is rich in fascinating history and an important part in Saskatchewan’s past.

As we ended the tour with an Old Fashioned Whiskey, I wondered how we’d ever fit in another meal that night.  But, we had a reservation for Ivan’s, at The Resort, and were determined not to back out.  After all, we didn’t have to cook, clean, or choose kid friendly food!

Ghostown Blues was our accommodation for the night.  I almost consider this a destination in itself.  The bed and breakfast is so much more than a place to sleep.    The creativity and detail that is put into each unique cabin is like nothing else.  Our cabin was tall with a loft, but there were sheep wagons, old trucks, and various other old buildings made into sleeping quarters.  You have to see this place for yourself!

We put on our comfy pajama pants, cracked a bottle of Cypress Hills wine and, and unlike the old days, were perfectly happy to crawl into bed by eleven.  Ok.  10:30. ( I blame the food coma, not old age.)

Goat Yoga at Grotto Gardens was last on our itinerary. One last activity before heading our separate ways and back to the usual promises of getting together “sometime soon.”

As we donned our matching yoga tank tops and laughed at each other as goats got personal on our mats, I was happy and sad at the same time. 

Happy that we had made time for a girl’s trip.  Happy that our friendship has survived so many phases of our lives.  Happy that our new style of girl’s time didn’t come with the terrible hangover of our 20’s. 

 With so many things to do in the Cypress Hills Destination Area, we couldn’t squeeze in everything we wanted to do.

That just means we will have to come back!

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