I grew up just south of Regina.  I spent 4 years at U of R.
I’m ashamed to say that my adventures in the city ranged from Long Island iced tea at JD’s to rye at the Pump.
But, I’m working on changing that.

I now live over 4 hours from the Queen City, but it has been on my adventure radar thanks to various bloggers in the area. My family still lives near Regina, so I knew that I had to start finding time to explore the city that I used to call home.
Coincidentally, as I was rereading my 40 before 40 bucket list, an ad for Regina Rolling Robot Tours came across my feed. I knew immediately that I had to contact them. I booked a tour ……and then told my friend that she was joining me!


I’ll start by saying that if Jessie and I can figure these things out, so can you!
Lean ahead to go forward. Stand straight to stop. Push the handles to turn.

Jasmine, the owner, is a great teacher. Before we began the official tour she guided us through pylons and ensured we felt comfortable.

We had chosen the history tour, so were treated to beautiful views of Wascana Park and the Legislative Building. As we wove in, out, and around the pathways, she fed us interesting facts about the sites we were seeing.

Segways are the perfect way to explore an area and I can’t wait to ride on one of these rolling robots again!  It was a memorable experience and a super way to spend the day catching up with a friend who lives across the country.


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