Happy 2017!

I partied the night away eating fondue in my pajamas and falling asleep on the couch by 10pm.  Woohoo!

And, I am ok with that!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’d have seen that I’ve been working on a #40before40 bucket list.  That, along with all of my grey hair, might have you believing that 2017 will see me turn 40.  It won’t!

I’ve given myself 5 years to tick off these 40 items.  It’s time to have some fun ( even if I can’t manage to stay up past 10.)

Most of these items can be done right here in Saskatchewan and I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you.

In no particular order:

40: Sleep in a yurt

39: Go on an overnight hike

38: Go cross country skiing

37: Get a group together to go paintballing

36: Go house boating

35: Try my skills at stand up paddle boarding

34: Try not to drown while white water rafting

33: Try pottery

32: Complete a corn maze…. I know, so Saskatchewan!

31: Get my motorcycle license…Road trip!!

30: Act like a kid while Go Carting

29: Go on a Via Rail adventure

28: Take a Segway tour

I did this twice!  Click the link above for my Regina Rolling Robots Adventure and here for my experience with Cypress Hills Segway Tours.

27: Take a trolley card ride

26: Ride in a helicopter

25: Attend a health retreat

24: Attend a Powwow

23: Attend a bloggers conference

22: Attend a pride parade

21: Go zorbing

20: Go fly in fishing

19: Sky dive!!

18: Go snow tubing

17: Find 40 geocaches

16: Host a murder mystery

15: Get professional photos taken ( My selfies are getting old…)

14: Visit 5 new countries ( Making my total 25)

13: Travel with family

Osoyoos with Mom and Terri

Fairmont with my parents 

12: Travel with friends

11: Paint my bedrooms ( I had to add one reno goal)

10: Hike through Crooked Bush

9: Stay in Prince Albert National Park

8: Spend more time in Grasslands National Park

A group of us spent a weekend hiking and kayaking the west block.

7: Attend a music festival

6: Tour Big Muddy

5: Float in Manitou Lake

4: Visit Meadow Lake Provincial Park

3: Visit 20 of Saskatchewan’s 100,000 lakes

2: Visit 5 new States ( as long as Trump doesn’t scare me too much)

1: Make it to the East Coast of Canada!


There they are!  I’m excited just thinking about them.  40 adventures that I hope to experience with family and friends.

For now, one more coffee and then maybe I’ll get out of my pajamas.  I love holidays!





5 thoughts

  1. Awesome list! I’m working on my list too…but I only gave myself 365 days! I didn’t get the idea until I was almost 39. Good luck to you and enjoy the adventure. I look forward to reading your progress😊


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