Some people are afraid of retirement.   Not me! And after spending 5 days in Osoyoos, BC, with my newly retired mom who was on her maiden snowbird adventure, I am more ready then ever.

The fact that I just turned 35 could pose a problem.

My mom surprised us all by retiring last summer.   She shocked the crap out of us by saying she was taking off for 3 months to BC and leaving dad at home to work!  You see, my mom is the care giver who hasn’t put herself first.  Ever.

She is… or was…. a home body.

She’s nervous around new people..

And 3 months away from her husband?

People started to talk.  Question.  Wonder.

And I became more proud of my mother than I have ever been.

Leaving my dad with a freezer full of ready made meals, my mom set out on her adventure.


My youngest sister and I are teachers and we immediately made plans to visit during our February break.

If you didn’t know, Osoyoos, BC, is considered the new Canadian snowbird place. Hotels and motels offer suites for a great price to people for the winter months.


We hit up 2 wineries before we got to mom’s place from the airport. The irony of mom, a non-drinker, spending 3 months in Osoyoos, aka wine country, was not lost on me.  Luckily, it meant we had a DD.

Osoyoos is beautiful and my mom walked me to near death.   Everyone and their small lap dogs were happy to be there.   We’d pass the same people everyday and the gas station attendants knew mom well.

Of course, because I was there, the lake froze over and the weather was unusually frigid, but we had a great week.

Beautiful scenery, hiking, drinking wine, playing cards, visiting markets.

Yes, I am ready for my snowbird life.

Only 20 years to go.


( Check back later for pictures.  My farm internet is really playing on my last nerve!)


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  1. Hi Christine! Loved your comments regarding your Mom and her newly retired freedom and adventure! She has always been a solid, caring, loving person, and so very glad to see her enjoy the start of a new “career”! You are right! Its’s time for her to be self-centered, not other-centered!! Cheers Debby

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