” I really want to do that thing where you stand on the board and paddle.”

I had to ask myself if I had heard my stepson correctly.  This was coming from a boy who is more into military planes, model trains, and video games then he is outdoor adventure.

Sure, he’ll join us on our excursions and have fun, but it surprised me that Stand Up Paddle Boarding was even on his radar.

Of course, I thought it was a super idea.

Even better, it was an item on my 40 Before 40 Bucket List.


Loch Leven, in Cypress Hills, was the perfect place for us to try something new.  Keegan was a pro from the very start.  He even ended up rescuing a floating device that was bigger than his SUP board.

20170714_145054The water was calm.

The scenery beautiful.

And, I didn’t fall in!!


It’s too bad I didn’t get a picture of my sister, Terri, hitting the water with a big splash!

Loch Leven Marina rents out SUP boards, kayaks, and peddle boats.  It was only $11/ 30 minutes of fun.

Have you ever tried stand up paddle boarding?

I'd love to hear from you:)

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