At first glance, segways may seem like a bad idea for the ungraceful and uncoordinated like myself.

But, don’t be fooled. These machines were made to make sure you don’t end up sprawled out on the forest floor.


This past week was actually my second time on a segway.   I loved it the first time and as soon as I found out that Cypress Hills Segway Tours had joined the awesomeness that is Cypress Hills, I knew that I’d be trying it out again soon.

I recruited my sister, who is becoming quite the trained blogger’s sidekick, and we set out on an adventure.  Even though I had ridden a segway before, I was glad that the owner, Don,  gave such thorough lessons.  He made sure each person was comfortable before heading out on the trails.  The trails we rode on were a lot bumpier than the sidewalks I had followed last time, but that added to the experience.  Don’t worry, they were very manageable!

untitled 3.png

We didn’t see any wildlife on our tour, but I have seen pictures of moose and deer being spotted by riders. I was glad that the machines were quiet enough not to disrupt the feeling of being out in a natural forest.

Since our day out on these 2 wheeled machines, I have imagined myself seeing the world on one of them. As much as I love a good hike, I think I’ll be keeping my eye out for other opportunities to cruise around  on a segway.


I love that my sister is willing to go on these mini adventures with me.  She doesn’t even bat an eye when I strap a Go Pro to her head.

Speaking of that, check out the video I made with our footage from the day!

This experience was sponsored, but all of the thoughts are my own.  To find more interesting things to do in southwest Saskatchewan, visit this website that I now help run.

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