What do the Great Sandhills, the South Saskatchewan River, golf, art, and history all have in common?

Leader, Saskatchewan, that’s what.

These things are just the beginning of what the town of Leader and surrounding area has to offer.   If you are coming through town, there a few things that you want to be sure to check out.

The Great Sandhills are the obvious attraction. Whether out for a quick hike, or venturing to the larger dunes, you will be amazed by the size of the active dunes.  There are over  1900 squared kilometers of them.  Also not to be missed is the Great Sandhills Museum and Interpretive Centre in the town of Sceptre.  This former school is full of artifacts that teach about the history and nature in our area.


If you have time to go fishing on the river, that’ll make for a funfilled day. If great views are more up your alley, Checkerboard Hill and Meridian Dam Site offer views from above the river that can’t be compared.


Also set at the top of the valley is River Ridge Golf Course. With a front nine and back nine, you can enjoy the scenery while you perfect your swing.  Eating lunch on the patio is the perfect way to relax after your game.


Just south of Leader, along highway 21, are St. John’s School House and Church. Open to the public, you can go back to the times of one roomed school houses.  The miniature church replica is the perfect place to sit and think about life.


Just down the road from that, in the picturesque countryside, is Blumenfeld Church.  It’s impressive enough from the outside as you walk around the grotto, but don’t miss out on the chance to step foot inside.   The detail is beyond what you’d expect from a country church in Saskatchewan.


Painting scenery is the perfect way to capture the beauty that surrounds us.  Just across the river is Sage Brush Studios, where a local artist couple has moved in old churches to act as their art gallery.   The yard alone is worth taking a wander around and you’ll be amazed by the artistic talent these two have.  Adding a Dean Francis original to your collection is well worth the investment.


Our area has a diverse history and a huge part of that is the Hutterite Colonies that surround us. If you ever get the chance to interact with the people on the colony, or to tour one of these communities, don’t pass up the chance!

Right in Leader, you will notice various larger than life sculptures scattered around.  Each one depicts  an animal that is native to the Leader area.  Be sure to stop by the tourism Caboose and see the miniature replica of the Smith Barn site.  This barn was a major sensation back in the day.

This list may seem overwhelming for visitors or locals. Luckily, our local tourism board hosts bus tours that hit up the majority of these attractions.  They even come with golf and swimming pool vouchers!

To book your spot on the two day tour that is taking place on September 1st and 2nd of this year, click here.

We’d love to have you out!

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