What would your choice of transportation be, if you were travelling across Canada?

I’d love to take my old 75 Vanguard motor home.  Or a Moped, if I really wanted to get crazy.  With a side car to carry a few necessities.

This past week, I met up with three girls who are crossing Canada in a canoe!  3 girls.  1 canoe.  Can you imagine?


byway selfie 4

They started in B.C and I met up with them at Lemsford Regional Park along the South Saskatchewan River.  And, amazingly, they hadn’t killed each other yet!

The Byway Babes got the idea a couple years ago, and got to planning.   From meals, to equipment, to practice camping trips in the wilderness, and a personal trainer, these three were determined to be ready by the time they set off on this grand adventure.

They have gotten into a routine and divide up the roles according to personal strengths.  I can tell you, that it would be smart not to put me in charge of the food!   On average, they canoe 10 hours/ day.  I kayaked 10 hours one time and could barely move for a week.  Obviously, a personal trainer was a good idea.

Explorers at heart, these girls added to their ambitions by deciding to raise awareness for a cause close to their hearts.  Claire, one of the 3 adventurers, has Cystic Fibrosis.  Obviously, she doesn’t let it stop her from pushing the limits and enjoying life to the fullest, but there is still much for researchers to learn.

When I asked about CF, Kendra passionately stepped in to fill me in on the deets.  Cystic Fibrosis has no cure, but is manageable with the right treatment.  The struggle is that each person’s treatment is unique.  What works for one, might not work for another.  This is where the need for continued research and awareness comes in.

Rylea, Kendra, and Claire are 3 different characters who are living out a dream.  As awesome as they were to hang out with, I can tell you that they are regular people.  No different than you and I.  They have loved ones at home supporting them, and they aren’t rich or famous but, they made the choice to act on an idea.

We talked over a beer about a few bumps in the road throughout their preparation stages.  Bumps that could have made them quit.  But, they didn’t, and that’s what makes them special.  They work through issues, push themselves and each other, and while doing so, hope to bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis.

Be sure to follow these girls on Facebook, Instagram, and their website, where a tracker map keeps us up to date on their progress.  Don’t be afraid to contact them and give them some treats for encouragement.

And remember, ACTING on your dreams is what makes them become a reality.  Go for it!

  • I will try to add more pics later, but for now, I give up on my farm internet!



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