I crawled out of my van at 3 am, stretched, and tried to see who was parked in front of me.  How could it be time already?

I yawned as I saw John, from carefree adventures, starting to unload the equipment from his truck.

In 1 hour, we would be on the water.

This year’s Medicine Hat Massacre was taking place on Reesor Lake.  We’d be joining a group from Medicine Hat Paddling Club as the safety crew.  Armed with walkie talkies and whistles, we’d spend the next 6 hours patrolling the small lake.

With head lamps and a homemade kayak light tower, we launched into the darkness.  Stars shone and soon a flurry of bright lights were headed our way.  Racers.

Partners climbed into double inflatable kayaks and started the 8 hour race.  Their mission was to collect points by reaching various markers scattered throughout the hills and water.  They’d be using boat, bike, and foot to complete the race.

As the sun rose over the hills, the amount of people on the water lessened.

Pelicans, geese, and other birds entertained us and the scenery provided the perfect backdrop for visiting or daydreaming.


Check out this video of our day!


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