By now you know that I’ll jump on any chance to go kayaking.  It doesn’t take much to convince me to get out on the water, so when Cypress Hills Destination Area and Carefree Adventures asked me if I was interested in a sponsored kayak trip that included wine, food,  and yoga, I jumped!

Even better?  Saskatchewan Tourism had given out grants to help promote Tourism Week, so the price was ridiculously cheap. It didn’t take much to convince my sister, Terri, to join me.

20180526_092844_preview (1)

In the spirit of responsible tourism, the kayaking came before the wine.  A group of about 20 adventurers jumped in kayaks and left the fish flies in the dust as we headed towards an island in the middle of Cypress Lake.  After a small rain shower, the sun came out and it was smooth sailing….until the wind challenged us on the return back to shore.  Somehow, I never remember the sore arms after these trips.


After kayaking, we managed to find a picnic area with fewer flies, and chowed down on a yummy picnic prepared by The Shop out of Maple Creek.   The sandwiches and salads were much needed after the 3 hours on the lake.  Ice cold rhubarb wine from Cypress Hills Winery was the perfect fit.  I’m sure it helped loosen our muscles up a bit before we started yoga.


We were all a bit worried about the downward dog, but Ceara, from Sun Dog Yoga out of Maple Creek, did a super job easing us into it.  We stretched out under the bright blue sky surrounded by trees and nature.  What else can a person ask for?



My sister and I may have had to hold back  fits of giggles as I snapped awkward pictures of her and I.  As you can see from the video below, balance is not my strong point!

The word on the street is that another tour like this will be planned soon for the Grasslands area.  Stay tuned!


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