I’ve asked myself how I can go on the same bus tour so many times and still enjoy it, and this is what I’ve come up with:

  • We visit top quality attractions.
  • I get to see these places through the fresh eyes of our visitors.
  • I am proud of our area.
  • It takes me this many times to remember all of the facts and stories that our guide shares.
  • There are always new paintings and new exhibits.
  • The scenic drive is a treat in itself.

Last week I jumped on the Leader and District Guided Bus Tour for the fourth time. Each stop on our itinerary is available for the public to visit, but I find that the tour is a great way to see more in one day and to be entertained and informed by our guide.

This year, we had to do a little detour because the ferry was closed, and the sky was a bit gloomy due to the smoke blowing in from forest fires, but that didn’t stop us from having a fantastic day.

Our first stop was St. John’s School house.


Then we went to Blumenfeld Church.

After that, we did a short hike at The Great Sandhills.


The Sceptre Museum was next.


We were treated to lunch at the Tourism booth.


We enjoyed learning about the Hutterian Culture at Estuary Colony.

Our detour led us to this beautiful scenic lookout, known as the Meridian Dam Site.


We finished the day getting inspired at Sage Brush Studios.


Bus tours allow tourists to relax. Our driver and guide figure out the logistics while we get to know new friends and enjoy the scenery.   Locals who join the tour are always surprised at how much they learn and visitors are always heard chatting about their next visit.

Thanks to Cypress Hills Destination Area for hiring me to document this experience.  Leader is now a part of the CHDA and we, as a tourism board, could not be happier.  Keep a look out on their website for upcoming tours and events.


Watch a video of our day, here.



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