I drink close to a pot of coffee a day. Black.  And I have always lived in small towns with no coffee scene to expand my knowledge of this drink, or others.

Throughout my travels, I have always enjoyed spending my down time in local coffee shops.   People watching, reading, checking out the art displays, and random conversations are a few of the things that draw me in.  Unfortunately, it seems most trips to a city now are quick and hurried trips and I just grab a coffee on the run from a gas station.

When I was asked to check out the various coffee shops in Medicine Hat, I was excited to get back that relaxed feeling of independently owned shops. I knew I’d have to expand my choice of drink to more than black coffee, but I’m always up for trying new things.

I visited six local coffee shops in Medicine Hat. To wear off the sweet treats I indulged in, I took the rest of my time there to hike and explore the local parks and trails.

Each shop was a bit different and all are worth checking out.  Thanks to Tourism Medicine Hat, for sponsoring this trip.


Mad Hatter Coffee Roastery just happened to be roasting their coffee beans that day, so I got a close up lesson on the process. I took advantage of the back corner and got a little bit of work done on my computer while eating yummy quiche and cheesecake while sipping on their Honey Co specialty drink.  This shop is cozy with a very friendly staff.  You can buy their specialty roasted coffee for retail or wholesale and they are now licenced, so adding baileys is an option!  I resisted….. this time.

The next shop that I hit up was Heartwood Café. This place was spacious, bright, and uniquely decorated.  There was a patio out the back, but I found a bench with pillows and ordered a funky drink called The Purple Emperor. It was fun to pour the lemon juice into the purple tea mixture.  It was just the refreshing drink I needed after a hike.  There was a large food menu, but I stuck with just the drink. The counter made of old doors definitely caught my attention and I noticed that there was a section of games for sale.  There was a little stage that is used for live entertainment.

I made it to Station Coffee Company right around the typical coffee break time and there was a steady stream of people in and out. After skipping dessert at the last place in a feeble attempt to be healthy, I devoured a huge piece of New York Cheese Cake smothered with strawberries.  I loved every tasty bite!  They also gave me 3 drinks to sample.  I love all the options that are available.  The Pina Colada lemonade drink that is on tap was my favorite.    After people watching inside for a bit, I grabbed a table out on the sidewalk patio to finish my coffee.

When I walked into Café Verve I was treated to music from a couple of the Jazz Festival performers. I decided to have some real food, not just dessert, so I ordered the tortilla soup.  The place was packed with people enjoying the show, so I sat in the one empty table and took it all in.  Later the owner brought over a Kombucha  tea and I wondered why I don’t order these healthy drinks more often.  The walls were lined with art and photography and it was apparent after talking to the owner that the art scene in Medicine Hat is on point and enhanced by many of the local coffee shops.

Inspire Café stood out to me because of the bright red tables, large food menu, and the art workshop attached.  It was another spacious café and  I sat by the window and enjoyed the views of downtown.  I  chose a hot Chai tea and it was perfect.   The special of the day was grilled cheese and tomato soup and who can go wrong with that?  I would love to take in an art class, someday.  I’ve really noticed how art and coffee go hand in hand!  I am still regretting not grabbing a freshly baked cinnamon bun.

On my third day, I had one final stop; Zucchini Blossom Café. The barista recommended an iced Chai tea, and carrot cake and they were the perfect treat.  I sat out on a balcony with the sun shining on my face. Inside, there was a large shelf with jams, teas, coffees, and more canned goodies.  A couple with a dog sat outside.  A lady typed away at her computer, and a couple of men chatted away, laughing at my video making techniques.

Speaking of that, see my video here.


I was sad to know that my list of coffee shops to visit had come to an end. Each of these six shops offered a break from the craziness of life.

A chance to slow time down and connect with a friend.

A reminder to eat the dessert. Every bite!

A place to recharge, so you can take on the world.


What’s your favorite thing about local coffee shops?

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  1. Love the variety and character of local coffee shops. No cookie cutter formula, but original merchants and entrepreneurs doing their best to serve their market.


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