As the school year was ending and all of my teacher colleagues were doing report cards and cleaning out their classrooms, I decided to enjoy the end of my first year of not teaching full time by planning a midweek trip to explore Medicine Hat, Alberta.

I spent the 3 days exploring the parks and trails within the city as well as visiting six local coffee shops.

I could have just camped out in my camper van, but there was a guesthouse that I had been eying up on Instagram for over a year.

I had seen videos of this cute little house being moved in and completely renovated. I’d browsed photos of bridal parties getting ready inside of it.  Models booked it to do photoshoots.  The idea of being in such a cute cabin, just minutes out of the city, seemed like just what I needed.

After a few hikes and some yummy treats on my coffee tour, I decided to head out to Guesthouse 71. It was early enough that I could head back into the city, later, if I wanted to.   As I drove past the main house and towards the guesthouse, I was in immediately wishing I had grabbed some snacks, because I knew the chances of me leaving that evening were diminishing.

As I opened the door, I immediately felt like I was in a magazine or home renovation show. It was perfectly staged, but in a way that felt welcoming and homey.  Little details popped up everywhere.  From a personal photography book made by the owner, to 2 perfectly placed chocolates beside the bed.  Positive quotes hung on the wall and fresh, locally roasted coffee beans sat on the counter next to a plate of brownies.

As I opened the fridge, I was impressed by the food options. A premade breakfast wrap, yogurt and berries, eggs for poaching, a meat and cheese tray, and water, juice, and milk.  I noticed a display of breads and baking on another shelf and a jar of cookies.

And here I was worried about forgetting snacks!

Popcorn was available with encouragement to enjoy Netflix. That was tempting, but somehow I thought TV would disrupt the peacefulness I was feeling.  Instead, I made a tea, grabbed my book, and sat in the corner with a big fuzzy blanket and the meat and cheese tray.


That night, I sprawled out on the huge bed, enjoying an animal free night. In the morning, I took my time and sipped my coffee in the housecoat and slippers provided.  The breakfast wrap was delicious!!

After another day of exploring Medicine Hat, I was just as excited to return to this haven. This time, I brought wine, and enjoyed it from the front deck, again, reading my book and doing a bit of work on my computer.

Guesthouse 71 has put their heart into every aspect of this little retreat. To me, it was an escape from the craziness of life.  It was so classy, yet I didn’t feel out of place in the warm, inviting environment that they have worked to create.

If you are in Medicine Hat for work or pleasure, I’d highly recommend staying at Guesthouse 71.



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