Jazzfest, Thai food, a gorgeous guesthouse, an art gallery, a museum, and hiking trails.

It was another great couple of days of exploring Medicine Hat!

This is the second post in a series that I am doing thanks to a paid partnership with Tourism Medicine Hat.  As always, my thoughts are my own.

Last month I planned my trip to Medicine Hat around the hot air balloon festival and this month I was lucky enough to fit in a visit during the opening days of the Medicine Hat Jazz Festival.

As a part of my role with Cypress Hills – Grasslands Destination Area, I was in the area to help showcase the new studio at Guesthouse 71.  Knowing that one day would not be enough, I booked a second night so I’d have time to check off a few more items from my list of things I’ve been wanting to do in the city.

My trip started with a nice walk (Don’t ask about the bike tire fiasco) around Police Point Park. After checking into Guesthouse 71, I excitedly headed downtown for Thai food.  Sabai Infusion was showcased in the Experience Medicine Hat Guide and a since a certain someone I travel with never chooses Thai food, I had to jump at the chance to go.  I even had a Singha beer which brought back all sorts of memories of my 2009 trip to Southeast Asia.  The curry was delicious, too!

I hadn’t realized when I booked my ticket to Laila Biali, at the Medicine Hat Esplanade, that the concert was going to be on the rooftop terrace.  It was a beautiful setting and I had a great time visiting the two couples that joined my table.  I didn’t mention this to the gentleman, but he reminded me exactly of my late grandfather and I couldn’t help but smile at his outfit, as it was exactly what my grandpa would have worn.  Watching his wife get so excited about the performance made me think that they must have made some great Jazz memories throughout their lives. I hope I am still out enjoying life at their age!

(If you read this, thanks for making my night.)

Laila Biali was also amazing… and not just because she complimented my dress.  Her voice is stunning!  The sunset behind the band just added to the ambiance.

The next morning, I ventured to Medalta in the historic clay district.  This industrial museum showcases the factory and walks you through the process of creating ceramics and pottery.  The huge kilns were my favorite.  I have always loved brick houses and the open brick walls and shelves of pottery were so beautiful.  There was also a contemporary art gallery that was showcasing some fun pieces of art.

Inspire Cafe provided the perfect lunch. I just love the red chairs!

Jazzfest offered a variety of free shows, both at the Esplanade, and at venues around town.  I enjoyed a workshop with Jocelyn Gould at the Esplanade.  She was known for her jazz guitar skills.   Its has been a while since I relaxed on soft green grass and listened to live music under the sun.

I was also able to visit the art gallery and the museum in the Esplanade and, as a former teacher, saw the most amazing gallery display. The huge room was full of artwork from local students, divided grade by grade. How exciting for those students to have their work displayed. I really do need to play around with my art supplies more often.

After enjoying the patio at my guesthouse for a while, I went to the Whiskey District to listen to Derek Hintz.  His lyrics had me giggling at my bar stool as I enjoyed a couple drinks featuring gin from the local Grit City Distillery and eating a mushroom alfredo pizza.  

For my last morning in Medicine Hat, I enjoyed a walk around Kin Coulee Park (still no bike). 

Did I mention how much I love the trails in Medicine Hat?

The last Jazzfest performance I could fit in before hitting the road was at the World’s Largest Chess Set.  Not only was there a giant game board, but there was a huge King statue that I had to pose in front of.

The band, Dr. Bill and the Stray Horns, played all sorts of wind instruments while I sat and got a huge kick out of a teenage boy beating his Dad (I assume) at a game of Chess.  How in the heck do you learn that game??  I have never actually watched a round of chess before and that giant board was the perfect place to do it.  The dad put in a good effort, but that boy sure had skills! 

The planning for my next visit to Medicine Hat is well underway and I am very excited for it!

Hint: There will be beer involved!

Have you been to any of the places that I took in on this visit? What did you think? What else should I add to my list?

Thanks again, Tourism Medicine Hat. Be sure to check out their Experience Guide to help plan your next trip to the city.

I'd love to hear from you:)

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