Have you ever seen anything like Red Rock Coulee?

This cool geological location is approximately 50km outside of Medicine Hat and is worth adding to your bucket list.

This post was in partnership with Tourism Medicine Hat, but all thoughts are my own.  I was also lucky enough to get 2 nights of accommodations and their accompanying packages sponsored by d3h Hotels

The area is covered with large red round rocks that have eroded out of the bedrock.  They look like they’ve been dropped from the sky.  Some are split in half revealing flat circular surfaces, while others are partially split with flowering cacti growing out of the cracks.

Every time I turned around I wanted to take another photo.  I felt like I was in another world. 

There was a hiking path beyond the area that has most of the rocks, but I couldn’t tear myself away from the main attraction.  This was the perfect start to my third Medicine Hat Adventure.

The theme of the rest of my trip was beer and shopping.  How does it get any better than that?  You can find more about the brewery tour in Medicine Hat’s Experience Guide.

I have never been a huge beer drinker, but that has changed since being introduced to small craft breweries through my work in tourism.  I love the idea of flights of beer, as I have always been the type of person to want to try a bit of everything.  A flight is like a sample pack and you can usually try 4 or 5 different items on tap.

After checking in at Home Inn Express, a d3h Hotel, I did decide to start my tour with Grit City Distillery.  I knew they had a variety of Gin flavors and that was right up my alley.  The vodka was amazing, also.  Thankfully, they did serve their flights with some tonic water for mix.  I was a little worried I’d have to sip them straight.  The coconut flavors were my favorite.

They have great happy hour deals and a tasty menu.  I, of course, had to have the butter chicken pizza that was on special.

I had mentioned package deals above.  Basically d3h Hotels have joined in on the Stay In Medicine Hat initiative of offering extras to a typical hotel stay.  There are a few hotels and packages to choose from.  As I don’t golf, I opted for the brewery package and the shop local package.  The first comes with 4 flights from local breweries/ distilleries!  The second comes with a $50 shop local visa. 

Honestly, I don’t ever want to stay in a hotel that comes with anything less from now on. 

( My travel opportunities may be making me high maintenance!)

With 2 days to spread out my brewery visits as well as to spend the $50 shop local visa, I took my time at each place and spread out my stops over the whole day.

Travois Ale was my second visit.  This brewery is located right downtown; handy for those enjoying all that is offered in the core of Medicine Hat.  The flights here were big!   The tall brick walls and local art created a unique atmosphere.  Again, I had to try some wings from the snack menu.   And I wonder why I was so full!

On day 2, I jumped next door to Days Inn Medicine Hat.  I was excited that this hotel came with a pool and hot tub!

Shopping was on the day’s agenda and I spent time wandering through stores, trying to decide what to spend my gift card on. 

I ended up buying some treasures at Nirvana, a spiritual/ energy store, using some on some food, and eventually added to my sticker souvenir collection from the tourism booth. 

The first stop for drinks that day was Medicine Hat Brew Co.  It was the perfect day to sit on the outdoor patio. The flights came on a cute board that was cut in the shape of Alberta.  This is also where I ate what is quite possibly the best pizza I have tasted.   The smoked mushroom pizza had the BEST flavor and they served it with a garlic dipping sauce.  So Good!  There was a lot of room in this brewery and I noticed there were big wooden board games to play…. But as a solo traveler, just relaxed and enjoyed the food and drink.  There was a creamsicle beer that was quite tasty on this flight of 6. 

The Windmill Garden Centre and Butterfly Garden caught my attention.  I still had money to spend on my visa, so stopped to look around.  I wish I had a green thumb!    I didn’t end up buying anything here, but really enjoyed walking around and exploring the grounds.  There were birds in the back and there is a butterfly sanctuary you can visit.

Later that afternoon I hit up Hell’s Basement.  This brewery is the closest one to the highway and I could tell that it gets a lot of through traffic.  I pulled up to a parking lot of camper vans and knew I’d be right at home. I also grimaced that the busy parking lot meant I’d have more people laughing at me as I take selfie videos for Tik Tok.

 (Secretly, I love it as it opens the door for me to start conversations with others, so I have some company.)  The stickers here were only 1 dollar, so of course I grabbed a couple to add to my growing collection. 

I love that the decoration here consisted of posters, stickers, and framed t-shirts of other breweries.  Craft brewing really does create a sense of community and connection.

After a quick stop at Alive After Five, an outdoor market and event, I rushed back to the hotel to enjoy some much anticipated hot tub time.

The hot tub was actually really warm, which doesn’t always happen in hotels.  I chatted with a young family and eventually got into the pool to do some laps…. and then….

I actually went down the water slide!

I often think about watersliding while in hotels by myself, but never get up enough courage to be silly.

This time, I didn’t over think it.    You don’t need to be with kids or with anyone else to do things that bring you enjoy.    I felt great after making a big splash.

The next morning, I actually slept in until 8:30!  My plan had been to take the Sunshine Trolley Tour, but they had had some mechanical issues that needed to be taken care of, so that will have to wait until my next visit.

I took my time and enjoyed another great hotel breakfast.  These two d3h Hotels had the breakfast that every hotel goer crosses their fingers that they will get.  So much variety!

Be sure to check Stay In Medicine Hat for their package deals.  My sister’s friend has already suggested we do the brewery package for her stagette.

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  1. Awesome write up on Medicine Hat! It is helpful to read about the possibilities in an area. Incentives offered by a hotel will often sway your choices! Thx so much! Cheers!

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