“Sure I’ll come climb the high ropes,” I answered, without really knowing what they were.

It’s a good thing I am always up for a challenge!

Camp Elkwater is located on the Alberta side of the Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park.  I met Gregg Campbell, from Medicine Hat YMCA, at a tourism event in the fall and he mentioned I should come out.  Wanting to wait until my step-kids could join, we never got organized, but when I recently saw him at a similar event, we decided now was the time.

With sister in tow, I made my way to the camp and knew right away that this was going to be a day to remember.  Poles, ropes, and ladders in all sorts of arrangements, towered wayyyy over our heads.

The crew had just finished an intense round of training and we were the first subjects of the season.  I felt completely safe as they did their safety checks and before I knew it, we were testing our courage, balance, strength, and agility on the various courses.

( Check out Adventure Works.  They set up programs and do training all over Canada.)

Team building is a goal of Camp Elkwater, so my sister and I put our relationship to the test as we crossed high wires together and climbed the rope ladder system as a pair.  We laughed, strategized, made fun of ourselves, and Terri took one for the team so that I could make it to the VERY top tire!  ( Thanks for the boost.)

We’ve always made a great team, so I resisted the urge to push her off, but I can see how it could benefit couples and coworkers.  Communication was key as we attempted to reach our goals.

We walked away with a sense of achievement, a self-esteem boost, a great family memory, ….and a few sore muscles.

Check out the video of Terri and I ” Getting High” on the ropes!



Camp Elkwater and Medicine Hat YMCA invited me out, but all thoughts and laughs are my own!




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