What the heck are Access Bars?

That’s what I get asked when I mention I am going for a session.

It’s hard to explain in words that make sense to the average human, but,

“Access Bars are 32 points on the head which, when activated, can help facilitate reduction of stress and trauma throughout the body, and increase positive attitudes towards life.”


There are lists of positive results around clearing blocks, creating ease, enhancing motivation, reduced depression, and greater mental clarity. I can’t tell you about other people, but I can let you know a bit about how it has helped me.

If you have been following me, you know that I have always been a positive person, but the last few years were full of stress around my step kid’s mother, and the constant court battles, as well as stress at work.

You also know that I quit my job and have been consciously following things that bring joy into my life.

I have let go of trying to handle situations that are beyond my control, and focused on my own inner happiness.

I truly believe that the actions I have taken over the past couple of years are a result of getting my bars ran.

I started with a super fantastic lady who runs Soul Illumination Energy Healing, now in Medicine Hat. I’ve also used  Leader’s  Soothing the Soul, and now, my good friend Leann Martens is not only offering Access bars, but is facilitating classes so that you can learn how to run bars yourself.

There’s a whole community of people who trade services of running bars on each other, and someday soon, I’d love to take the class.

Leann is a teacher, who like me, has many ideas for life beyond the classroom. It’s been fun to watch her ideas come to life and I was excited to head to Swift Current for a couple of sessions of Bars.

Last month I went after a rough morning of dealing with life, and honestly, my head hurt a bit afterwards, but this past week I went in feeling calm and left feeling like a million dollars.

As practitioners touch the points on my head, it’s interesting to see what comes up. Each point has a focus area and all three people who have run my bars notice that my hopes and dreams spot has energy flowing strongly and lots of movement.  I sometimes feel like my eyes are playing ping pong inside my head.  But in a good way!  I love when these sensations come up, because it makes me really feel like something is shifting.

I left Leann’s cute office space feeling rejuvenated and motivated to move forward with my dreams. In the past week I have dealt with situations that would often find me in a slump, feeling sorry for myself, but this week, I just did what needed to be done and moved on.

There’s a whole way of thinking involved with Access Consciousness, and I am slowly integrating some of these thought processes into my every day. Follow Leann, if you are interested in learning more.  And, don’t be afraid to try something new.  How different could your life be?

3 thoughts

  1. I’ve had a chokra machine “treatment” that aligns your chokras. I saw the most amazing intense colours inside my eyes in the last 3 minutes of it. It’s hard to explain. I felt so at ease after it.


  2. Hello, how are you? Are you still doing Access Bars? Where abouts are you in Saskatchewan?


    Chantelle Everley


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